Devil’s Claw
Devil's Claw and the Sandveld Conservancy

In 2008 the Sandveld Conservancy was part of a partnership agreement between the San Uitkoms community and ECOSO Dynamics.
Uitkoms is a newly established resettlement farm, resettled by disadvantaged San people. ECOSO Dynamics is a company established in sustainable trade of Devil's claw.

The idea of the project was to fight poverty and crime by providing meaningful income opportunities for the workless San community in the Sandveld area.
At the same time this initiative is meant to undermine illegal harvesting of devil's claw, because farmers are made more aware of this precious resource.

Our devil's claw provided us with above average prices per kg since the Conservancy was certified organic for the first time.
A number of farmers agreed to accommodate trained harvester teams on their farms in order to allow controlled harvesting. On site monitoring and post harvest monitoring, as well as fair prices guaranteed sustainable use of this precious resource.
Through this partnership the Conservancy was able to generate remarkable funds in order to run its operation and to have money available to be invested in projects that enhance our biodiversity.

The project was partly funded through a grant which ECOSO Dynamics got from Phyto Trade Africa, a non-governmental association.

During 2008 twenty harvesters were divided into 3 - 4 teams which sustainably harvested about 70 tons of fresh devil's claw. Of these 7 tons dried and sliced material was sold to ECOSO.

For its own products, like devil's claw powder for horses and tablets for humans and dogs, ECOSO uses well processed and organically certified devil's claw from the Sandveld Conservancy.